"Helping to change how someone experiences life is really the best work there is. The power of plant based nutrition continues to blow my mind.  It really is like magic.  It changes you on every level: physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional."
- Maria
Maria Chatman

Maria Chatman is an integrative nutrition health coach, wellness expert and plant based advocate.   As a former lifestyle consultant for one of the biggest health and wellness companies in New York City, Maria has had her pulse on the wellness industry for over a decade.  Her extensive experience in community & family health programming coupled with her intense interest in personal health lead her to become an industry leader in the fight against childhood obesity, working with dozens of NYC schools, non-profits, and community centers to create wellness programs that provide children with a foundation for lifelong healthy habits.  


Throughout her career, Maria noticed that despite an abundance of nutrition information people were more confused than ever and struggled to know which sources to trust, what diet was right for them and how the food they were eating affected their health and the health of their families.


Maria’s enthusiasm for plant based nutrition and its role in chronic lifestyle disease fueled her desire to help people to connect what they do to how they feel.  


Maria is a regular contributor to US News Health and numerous other lifestyle publications. Her certifications include, The Institute for Integrative nutrition, ECornell Plant Based Certificate, American Academy of Lifestyle Medicine Coaching, American Council on Exercise, and Yoga Alliance.  

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Exercise Specialist
Registered Yoga Instructor

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