"I'm down 11 or 12 pounds from the start of the 14 Days.  My overall energy is up, especially in the morning which is nice to wake up and not be groggy."

-- Itai, Los Angeles

"I've come off several medications.  I'm asking my doctor to take me off more.  I'm no longer diabetic.  I used to have terrible joint pain and that has completely disappeared.  No one is more surprised than me.  I originally joined the  8 week program to lose weight but that has become an added bonus to all of the others I have gained from this program.  It's changed my life, it's amazing to feel this way!"

-- Carole, Los Angeles

"Maria Chatman is a dedicated health coach with uncompromising passion for educating and empowering her clients to improve their lives by eating healthier and making better lifestyle choices.  I have had numerous positive reports from my patients who participated in her wellness programs."

--Joel Sach, MD

"My cholesterol and blood sugar levels are the best they have ever been.  I avoided medication.  My acid reflux is completely gone.  Indigestion gone.  I'm sleeping better.  I feel good, I really do. Amazing how a plant based diet really does make a difference.  Since doing the 8 week program, my wife and I are really enjoying our time together in the kitchen preparing food and trying new recipes."

-- Jim, Los Angeles

"I lost 25 pounds in the 8 week program.  I'm 42 with twins on the way and I have no doubt in my ability to be an active parent to these little ones who are going to require a lot of energy.  I've done every diet and what's different about a whole food, plant based way of eating is it's the most sustainable. I've gained so much more than I have given up. "

-- Jess, Los Angeles

"I worked with Maria for 3 months and lost nearly 20 pounds.  I feel healthier, strong, sharp, focused, alert, energized, STELLA!  A lot of people have been telling me how fresh and glowing I look.  I just completed my first triathlon in 7 years and nailed my training goals.  Eating this way has become second nature.  "

--Kieran, San Francisco

"The Gut Reset solved my gut problem in literally days. I had some sort of IBS for three months. I carry a lot of stress, so I was attributing it to just that. Doing the Gut Reset, my tummy was 100% better before the end of the first week. It’s a great combination of real food, plant-based choices, and self-care. Highly recommend!"

--Shari,, Los Angeles

"My sleep has improved and I feel better overall. Big change in my skin. It feels smoother and the hives/itchiness is GONE! "- 

--Sarah, Santa Monica 

"The joined the 8 week program with my husband.  I have more energy, better focus.  I can concentrate easier and am sleeping better.  I was on high blood pressure medicine for 4 years and was able to come off of it.  My outlook on life has changed tremendously.  People tell me my skin has a glow to it.  I love the fact that my refrigerator is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables.  I'm staying on this program... FOREVER!"

-- Susanne, Los Angeles

"I joined the 8 week program because I was at a low point in my life and was suffering with depression.  The program was exactly what I needed.  I'm sleeping through the night for the first time in decades.  I have no trouble falling asleep which is unheard of for me.  I'm more alert and more confident in myself now that my brain isn't feeling foggy like it used to.  It's changed me not just physically but mentally and emotionally, too.  It's not just the weight loss.  I truly believe that the meditation, breathing exercises and stress management techniques I've learned are contributing to my overall wellbeing.  

-- Paula, Los Angeles

" I'm 75 and I feel like I'm 25! I feel so much better since I started the 8 week program.  I don't have acid reflux anymore.  I'm exercising regularly now.  Before I would only sleep 4 hours a night and now I'm sleeping 8-9 hours! That's life changing."

-- Ron, Los Angeles

"I'm converted.  I can't remember feeling this good.  My stomach pain has disappeared.  I have lost 11 lbs- I'm with a few pounds of my weight 40 years ago and I no longer crave meat. "

-- Daniel, Los Angeles

"I've dropped 2 pant sizes and I feel great. I've noticed my energy has increased and my sleep has improved.  My wife loves it too because I am now the one cooking the vegetables. I love this program and will continue eating this way. "

--Stewart, Los Angeles

"I am pain free eating this way.  I lost 5 lbs and I'm feeling more energetic and of clear mind.  Before my husband and I just wanted to do the bare minimum and make time to lay in bed and watch tv, totally unmotivated.  Now we are both feeling much happier on the inside. "

-- Beatriz, Los Angeles

"I am truly happy that I made the wonderful decision to enroll in the 14 day cleanse. I cannot say enough about the hands on guidance and encouragement I received from Maria.  She is warm, caring, and incredibly knowledgeable. She made suggestions that were tailored specifically for my needs and kept in daily contact with me offering practical tips throughout the program. She kept me motivated and  honestly celebrated my success.


As for that success, I am so proud to report that I’ve lost 10 pounds during the gut reset. The weight loss is of course great but what I am really proud to say is that I am reaping the benefits of a major energy boost and a sense of pride in feeling in control of my eating. Before the cleanse I was completely addicted to sugar. I would have to say that the greatest gain from doing this is that now I have a sense of being able to eat in a healthy way and actually enjoying it. After seeing the results I firmly intend to keep this up.”

-- Ronnie, Los Angeles

"The 14 Day Gut Reset program yielded results - a detox from sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and 7 pounds of weight loss without counting calories!   I thought I needed it, but I had no idea just how helpful it would be.  What was really helpful was the easy to follow instructions for the plan.  Maria was there to answer all my questions.  Surprisingly this non-veggie person found the food to be delicious and easy to prepare!  Even better, I now have the tools and knowledge to continue a healthy lifestyle!"

-- Melissa, Manhattan Beach

"I really enjoyed the Vitality 360 14 Day Gut Reset. The program is well designed and easy to follow. Aside from a few cravings and some caffeine withdrawal at the beginning, I found the program relatively easy to adhere to. I was never hungry. The shakes and recipes were delicious. Maria provided daily encouragement and helpful hints, and she was always available by email to answer questions. I always felt that she was ready to respond to my needs individually. After a few days, I began to feel more energy, and I was sleeping great. I accomplished my goals of losing 5 pounds,  learning about a plant-based diet, and adopting some healthy lifestyle changes. Not a bad result in just two weeks!"

-- Jeff, Los Angeles

"I just completed the 14-Day Gut Reset Program and I feel better than I have felt in many years. The first two days were very difficult, but, thanks to Maria's encouragement and support, I made it through and felt great by day 5. My energy became more stable and consistent throughout the day, my mood improved, my body felt healthier, and by the end I lost 6 pounds. As a doctor working long hours, I really benefited from the increased energy and clarity of mind."

-- Randy, New York City

"I enjoyed all the recipes and will continue to make them.  I feel a lot better eating this way. After one week, I was 4.5 pounds lighter. Most importantly, my stomach aches and headaches are gone!!"

-- Pam, Los Angeles

"I feel so alert and less tired after doing the 14 Day Gut Reset program.  Which is funny since I didn’t have my usual caffeine.  I’m motivated to continue this way of eating."

-- Valerie, Calabasas

"My wife and I had such a great experience across the board. The entire two weeks was eye opening in so many ways. I had no idea of certain subconscious food behaviors I had and absolutely feel I have more control now. The 14 day experience was an honest gut check (no pun intended!) for how to make better food choices moving forward."

-- Jessop, Santa Monica

"My skin is glowing which several people pointed out independently.  I lost 5 pounds and my energy is way up. I love this program!"

-- Christy, Los Angeles

"I lost 8.5 pounds on the 14 Day Gut Reset. My body aches are gone and I don't feel sluggish.  And I've been eating healthier since it ended which is probably the most important result!"

--Paula, Los Angeles

"I am going to have some major healthy habits moving forward.  I really enjoyed the abundance of greens and lack of poisonous stuff in my body.  I haven’t slept so uninterrupted in ages."

-- Ceren, New York City

"I lost 7 pounds on the 14 Day Gut Reset.  My sleep is much better and overall I feel calmer and less anxious.  My daughter told me how healthy my skin looks."

-- Kate, Missouri

"My 14-day gut reset not only help me lose a few pounds, but most importantly it helped me realize the effects of various foods on my body. I’ve changed my diet to include more vegetables and less meat. These 14-days introduced me to some great plant-based recipes that I will definitely continue using. The program was a great foundation to put more attention on what I put in my body on a daily basis."

--Jose, New York City

"I just accepted stomach bloat after eating and assumed it was normal but it completely vanished within days of starting the 14 Day Gut Reset. I feel lighter, leaner and more energetic than I have in a very long time.  My digestive issues have become a non-issue."

-- Ann Marie, New York City

"Not only did I get more energy and vibrancy by not consuming processed foods but more importantly I got to spend precious time with my 11 year old so making delicious and nutritious smoothies together.  The lifestyle changes incorporated as part of the 14 Day Gut Reset program not only changed me for the better but similarly impacted all members of my household and extended family and friends."

-- Joel, Tarzana 

"I didn't feel that I had any particular problem with certain foods but after 14 days I felt amazing- I was falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly. After reintroducing a small amount of bread and cheese I immediately felt more bloated and uncomfortable.  It wasn't worse than before but that had become my baseline.  This program has definitely made me more conscious of my decisions especially when under stress.    

-- Kelly, San Francisco

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