8 Week Group Plant Based Lifestyle Medicine Program

Will provide participants with a blueprint on how to optimize health and find lasting vitality.

The quickest way to get your health on track and jumpstart your metabolism.

1-on-1 Nutrition & Health Coaching 

Create a personal wellness plan tailored to your unique needs.

14 Day Gut Reset 

vi·tal·i·ty: the state of being strong and active; energy.

About Maria 

Vitality 360 was founded by Maria Chatman, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, in an effort to address chronic lifestyle diseases with plant based nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices. Her holistic approach addresses all aspects of a balanced and healthy life including proper nutrition, physical activity, sleep hygiene, stress management and community.

 MISSION: To help people connect what they do to how they feel.  

Your blueprint for superior health & lasting vitality. 

Food is our most powerful tool in preventing disease

Treat, Cleanse, Repair

What People Are Saying

I've come off of several medications and am no longer diabetic!

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